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The complete bingo solution.

Common Serial Numbers

Common Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are the same on every face of every book within a collated set, simplifying tracking and adding security.

Auditrack System

Auditrack System

UniMax booklets are consecutively numbered for quick and accurate sales and inventory tracking.

Paper Series Identification

Series Identification

Each series of UniMax contains a unique symbol in the "O" of "BINGO" for easy series identification.

Maximum Security

Maximum Security

Includes a 2D barcode, that can be scanned by a POS system, containing important information about each booklet.

The UniMax Advantage

UniMax Bingo Paper is the industry standard for a good reason - it offers so much more than unique audit features and superior playability characteristics.

Standard Colour Rotation

Game operators and players will know exactly what to expect every time

Extra Booklets in Each Set

Earn extra profits with the extra booklets provided in each set

No Wax Sheet

No wax sheet means reduced shipping weight and no extra trash in your bingo hall

Clean, Easy to Read Face

Features a unique half border design, giving the numbers a larger, bolder appearance

Short Lead Times

UniMax offers the shortest lead times of any bingo paper, from order receipt to shipment

Ready to Ship

UniMax orders are already on the shelf, and are ready to ship from our facility, straight to you.

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