Pushout Bingo Paper

Stronger and heavier bright white stock makes Pushout paper the top choice for durability.

Pushout paper, made with a heavier paper stock, is available with or without die cuts.

Die Cut Pushout Paper

Die cut Pushout paper is designed to be played without the need for a bingo ink marker. Instead of dabbing, players simply push the tab back when a number is called. This makes Pushout the perfect choice for bus trips, cruises, parties or anywhere that there may not be a table setting.

Non-Die Cut Pushout Paper

Non die cut Pushout is best used when tables and bingo ink markers are available. Even though Pushout paper was designed for unique bingo settings, it's also a great choice when a durable, heavier & brighter bingo paper is preferred!

Pushout Bingo Paper
Available Series Master
1 - 3,000 24V4/24H6
3,001 - 6,000 24V4
Cuts & Auditrack Availability
24V4 24H6 1S1 2V1 2H2 3V1 3H3 4S2 6V2 6H3 8V2 8H4 12V3 12H4

Due to the unique size of this paper, it cannot be collated with standard Capitol bingo paper.

Pushout Border Colours











Solid White

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