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PerfectMax Auditrack System

Arrow Games' Auditrack System will help to simplify the tracking of sales. As paper sales and profits grow, Auditrack provides an easy method of maintaining reliable & secure accounting of each session's sales.

Auditrack Sales & Inventory Tracking

For most paper cuts, each bingo sheet is printed with an audit number. At the end of each session, subtract the original starting number from the audit number on the first remaining book, and you will know the exact number of books sold by each floor person.

Audit numbers for a cut are identified with an audit prefix and are printed on every sheet of a booklet. A page number is also included.

Auditrack Audit Number

PerfectMax Auditrack Availability by Series & Cut

Series 3V1 6V2 9S3 12H4 15H5 18H6
1 - 9,000
9,001 - 15,000/24,00 - 27,000
15,001 - 21,000
18,001 - 27,000
27,001 - 36,000
Available Series PerfectMax Case Paper
1 - 9,000
9,001 - 15,000/24,00 - 27,000

Audit Number Locations

For older PerfectMax bingo paper without a 2D barcode, the location of the audit number for each cut is identified here for easy reference.

Click the tabs to view the images.

24V4 Master Sheet

paper cut 6V2
paper cut 12H4
paper cut 4S2
paper cut 8h4
paper cut 3V1
paper cut 6V2
paper cut 9S3
paper cut 18H6

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