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Capitol Bingo Paper

Capitol paper collations are ideal for customized rotations.

Add innovative twists to your bingo game with custom collations! Capitol bingo paper has 54,000 unique bingo faces available in six different series and a variety of cuts. And with over 30 colours & styles to choose from, Capitol paper is sure to meet the needs of any game!

Create your own Collation

Custom create your own paper sequence or combination of patterns, specialty papers or colours.

Player Preferred® Advantage

Available in two series of Capitol paper: 36,001-45,000 and 45,001-54,000. Every number appears at least once on each 9S3

Large Selection of Specialty Paper, Novelty Paper, and Games

Add innovative twists to your game! Ask your sales representative for a list of all current games available.


Standard borders collated in the colour rotation you prefer.


Choose from a wide variety of papers pre-printed with tints of colours. Actual face size: 4" H x 4" W.