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Bingo Paper Cut Selections

Bingo paper is printed in a variety of master sheet configurations to give hall operators & players plenty of options to choose from. Different layouts are made available when the bingo paper is cut from a master sheet.

Choose from a single card (1S1) up to a full 36 ON (36S6) sheet (36 cards). Combine different cuts and colours with the different series to add variety and excitement to your bingo sessions.

The following are examples of master sheet sizes: a 24 ON layout has 24 bingo faces on a sheet, a 30 ON layout has 30 faces on a sheet, and a 36 ON layout has 36 faces on a sheet.

Off Cuts

Certain cuts come naturally from certain master sheets; other cuts (as in a 15H5 taken from a 36 ON layout) require an off-cut, which can be packed together, separately, or discarded.

An off-cut refers to bingo faces that remain when a master sheet is cut into a desired ON. For instance, if the master sheet is a 24 ON vertical and you order a 9 ON sheet, the result will be two 9 ON cuts equaling 18 faces, and an off-cut totaling six faces (6V1) to complete the 24 faces on the sheet.

Cut Selection Examples

24V4 Master Sheet
Cut Layout # Down # Across
3V1 vertical 3 1
4S2 square 2 2
6V2 vertical 3 2
8H4 horizontal 2 4
12H4 horizontal 3 4
24V4 vertical 6 4
30V5 Master Sheet
Cut Layout # Down # Across
5H5 horizontal 1 5
10H5 horizontal 2 5
15H5 horizontal 3 5
30V5 vertical 5 6
36S6 Master Sheet
Cut Layout # Down # Across
3V1 vertical 3 1
3H3 horizontal 1 3
4S2 square 2 2
6V2 vertical 3 2
6H3 horizontal 2 3
9S3 square 3 3
18H6 horizontal 3 6
36S6 square 6 6

Paper Cut Description

In each cut description, the first numeric character(s) denotes the total number of faces on that particular cut; the second alpha character denotes the overall appearance of the cut - vertical, horizontal, or square (V, H, or S); and the last numeric character denotes the number of faces across / horizontally on the cut.

For Example:


Total number of faces for the cut


Appearance of the cut (vertical)


Number of faces across the cut

In this 6V2 example, the cut has 6 total faces, a Vertical appearance, and has 2 faces across the cut.

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